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Dear Prospective Employer,


I read you need a Thing. I can TOTALLY Thing.

I thinged for Place and Other Location, and I have additional experience in Activities, Doing, and Stuff.

Please look at my list of Thinging history and call me if you want to chat about how I can Thing and Stuff for you.


Super-compentent Adult

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October will end with a blink of an eye.
I already know it.

This boy is too god damn fine

I have lots of words, you know.
That I hide in my pockets, worrying they might leak out.
My mouth is no longer a safe place to keep them.

But even my pockets are nothing to brag about.

I hold words too close to my heart, sometimes. That they leave an imprint, much like that of the flesh. It takes so long for it to go away….

I am back. and i have many things to say.

a friend of mine gave birth yesterday to a beautiful boy. 

i am happy.

goodnight. until tomorrow.

I need to tell the MAF story.

I like to trace the world on your lips. How does that go again? As i finger your edges, you outline my destruction.
Yes, how could I forget.
Is that writing? I don’t know.
I miss the slow tempo of words as they spill out my fingers and become ingrained in ink and paper. I used to relieve all my stress through it. I couldn’t fathom an existence without words. sentences. letters.
We all have that one thing, don’t we? That little thing which we throw all of our hopes in, wishing the world would see us through one day?
I don’t know what I’m saying. All i know, is that I can’t sleep. And there are obvious grammar mistakes in this post. But that is besides the point.
Everything is.It continues to be. And we all let it happen because its whats we’re used to, and we’re scared of change.
We fear change so much. That we’d rather keep looking at bad things, because its what we’re used to, instead of taking the risk and looking at something different.
Does that make sense?

things are complicated. Yes they are.

I do not know what had lead me to this situation. all i know is that if feels like this is a plot right out of a book. the drama never ends the story never ends, it just winds down more dark paths and brings in more characters.

I feel guilt welling up in my chest. 

What have I done?